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Our Auction Process

At Thompson Auctioneers, we know that conducting a successful auction can be a little complex. Our stream-lined, 7-step approach makes the process a little easier.

1. Initial Valuation, Development of Marketing and Time Line:

Your initial meeting with a representative of our staff will achieve several purposes: Determine the value of the asset base to be auctioned; develop a time line for completion of the project; begin developing an expense budget necessary to successfully complete the project; and begin marketing preparations.


2. Marketing:

Our first objective will be to compile a list of items to be auctioned and obtain photographs. This list will be used for our direct mail flyer and on-line sale announcements. Based upon our experience, both direct mail and online advertising efforts are targeted to the specific buyers most likely to be interested in your assets. We take great care to ensure each flyer mailed is going to a potential buyer. In addition to purchased names, our in-house direct mail and email lists are continually updated, providing the most effective mailing lists possible and eliminating waste.

3. Auction Set Up:

Two to three weeks before the auction, our experienced Set-Up Crew will be on-site, cataloging, lotting, and tagging the entire auction. Individual photos of each item in the auction will be taken, and we will generate the “flow” of the auction (for example: where to start, where to end, etc.) to best utilize the return on your assets. Finally, a general clean-up will be performed, assuring a neat and orderly environment on auction day.

4. Inspection Day:

We offer a 6 to 8-hour inspection period one day prior to the auction, to allow potential bidders the opportunity to inspect items to be auctioned and to answer questions they may have pertaining to the auction’s assets, or the auction process in general.

5. Auction Day:

Thompson Auctioneer’s staff will register each bidder, and Terms & Conditions of the Auction will be distributed to all attendees. Our staff will be available to answer any questions that you may have as the day unfolds. Steve Thompson typically handles the actual auction service for each of our auctions, bringing his direct knowledge of each asset to the auction ring.


6. After the Auction:

We believe our commitment, and the engagement, does not end once the auction is over. We will leave staff in place for the necessary time period after the auction (typically 5-7 days), to coordinate the removal of each item sold, to tie up any loose ends involving either the client or the bidder, and to ensure that the facility is left in a clean and orderly fashion.

7. Post-Auction Wrap Up:

Thompson Auctioneers will provide you with a list of all registered bidders and a complete accounting of the auction sale on a piece by piece basis, including final bid amounts.