The Midwest’s leader in industrial auctions.

Who We Serve

Thompson Auctioneers is dedicated to providing professional, stream-lined auction services to the industrial and commercial equipment market. Since 1982 we have grown to become well-known experts in the auction industry by providing each client with the maximum value possible for their equipment and industrial machinery. Our growing list of categories include:

  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Tool & Die, Machine Shops
  • Fabrication
  • Woodworking
  • Material Handling
  • Plastics
  • Power Equipment
  • Excavation
  • Nurseries
  • Trucking & Rigging
  • Rolling Stock
  • Warehouse
  • Computer Equipment
  • Office Furnishings
  • Government Surplus
  • Food Service & Restaurant
  • Health Clubs & Facilities


Our Services


Auctions & Liquidations

At Thompson Auctioneers, we pride ourselves on possessing the knowledge and resources to successfully perform any size auction project, while also connecting on an individual basis with each of our clients. From beginning to end, we manage the details of each auction, and keep you informed and engaged throughout the process.



Through our affiliation with the Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers (AMEA), each of our certified appraisers provide only USPAP Certified Appraisals. Continuing education is on-going, and any changes in methodology or law are immediately implemented. Our appraisals continue to be relied upon and utilized by banks, finance companies, accounting firms, government entities, tax and estate planning professionals, turn-around firms, and business owners.


Multiple Auction Platform Options Available

Live, On-Site Auctions with Webcast Bidding Available:

Live webcast auctions are onsite auctions that are broadcast online so bidders are able to hear and follow the auction remotely. These auctions typically feature live audio and video. Bidders have the option of participating either onsite or online.

Live, Online Only Auctions:

These auctions are broadcast online through audio and video stream for bidders to hear and follow the auction. Bidders are only able to participate in these auctions remotely, even though they are able to see and hear the auctioneer live on camera. Onsite bidding is not available for these auctions.

Online Only Auctions:

These auctions feature automated closing and extension times. Online bidders are able to place bids on lots from the start date through the end of the auction. On the last day of the auction, the lots have a countdown that extends if bidding is still ongoing. The purpose of a timed auction is to mimic a live auction in an automated and online only format. Timed auctions do not have audio or video streams.


Machinery Sales

We offer two climate-controlled facilities with adequate utilities to demonstrate most industrial machinery and are equipped to handle any machinery that our clients may have either taken back off lease or re-acquired. Our associates provide a wealth of machine tool sales experience and are experts in determining resale value. In addition, we facilitate the shipping process, ensure items are completely functional, and handle all marketing and sales efforts.


Marketing & Advertising:

The success of your auction is determined by our ability to reach potential bidders. Thompson Auctioneers’ approach to marketing ensures the best possible return, regardless of asset type or market conditions.

  • Four-Color Direct Mail: Each auction is marketed via direct mail. Our distinctive yellow four-color brochures are recognized within the industrial community, nationwide. Detailed listings of items to be auctioned, as well as photographs of major items, are included in each brochure. We also take great care to purchase relevant mail lists based on SIC code for each auction. Our in-house mailing list is segmented, and continually cleaned and updated.
  • On-Line Bidding Services: Through our affiliations with and, your auction sale will be marketed to the entire world. Auction participation by prospective bidders will be much greater through the use of our On-Line Bidding providers. After pre-qualification and registration, buyers world-wide can bid at your auction, in real time.
  • Email Marketing: Our auctions are promoted through the use of strategically timed email “blasts,” typically timed to arrive one week prior to the auction. A second “reminder blast” is distributed the day prior to the sale. The email addresses used to promote each auction are from both our own in-house email list and SIC-specific email lists. This is an extremely cost effective and more targeted approach, than traditional mail lists.
  • Social Media: Each auction is featured on our Facebook Event listings and two to three posts are scheduled throughout the auction period leading up to the day the auction closes.
  • Trade Magazine & Regional Newspaper Advertising: Our auctions are marketed through national and regional industry-specific trade publications. The sale is also promoted through major newspapers in the geographic vicinity of the auction.